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Mar 11 2013


Photographer of the day is Kerry Skarbakka, photos of auto-portrait in very special situation, fall, death or suicide etc.

Feb 14 2012


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Website of the day is Bransch, this international company promotes photographers, between commercial and fine art.

Feb 12 2012


Website of the day is B-side, a portal about photography with magazine, portfolio, photographers, website links…

Feb 11 2012

Samuel Aranda

The photographer of the day is the winner of the World Press Photo 2011, Samuel Randa. A spanish freelancer photographer who works for many newspapers like the New York Time.

Feb 06 2012

On taking Pictures

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Website of the day is a blog, On taking Pictures, by Bill Wadman, an american portrait photographer, who explains how he creates ​​his pictures.

Jan 28 2012

Robert Mann

The website of the day is Robert Mann Gallery, an american gallery of photography. The gallery represents many great photographers like Diane Arbus, Robert Franck, Weegee, Man Ray, Brassai, Alfred Stieglitz… but also contemporary photographers like Mickael Kenna.

Jan 24 2012


The website of the day is U+Mag, an online photography magazine. this is an independent brazilian digital magazine, since 2004, with article, interviews about photography and photographers.

Jan 11 2012

Shots Magazine

Website of the day is Shots, an independent photo magazine. Since 25 years, the magazine presents photographers from around the world, for an international and exhaustive photography.

Jan 04 2012

Leica Fotografie International

Website of the day is the photo magazine Leica Fotografie International, all about the Leica World and its photographers.

Jan 02 2012


Website of the day is an online photo magazine Revue, all about contemporary photography and photographers.