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Mar 02 2012

35mm 357mag

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The website of the day is 35mm 357mag, street photography in black and white by the photographer John Aaron

Feb 10 2012

Vivian Maier

Website of this day is Vivian Maier, an incredible street photographer. Vivian was a free spirit who worked like nanny during all this life, the rest of his time, she is in the street with a Rolleiflex and takes pictures. She leaves more 100.000 negatives and has never profited financially of this incredible production of […]

Feb 07 2012

Romain Laurent

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Website of the day is Romain Laurent, a nice photo concept who places a surfer with his surf in the streets of New York City.

Jan 28 2012

Robert Mann

The website of the day is Robert Mann Gallery, an american gallery of photography. The gallery represents many great photographers like Diane Arbus, Robert Franck, Weegee, Man Ray, Brassai, Alfred Stieglitz… but also contemporary photographers like Mickael Kenna.

Jan 26 2012

Montreal et ailleurs

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The website of the day is a photoblog, Montreal et Ailleurs by Franck, a french man who lives in Montréal for 7 years.

Nov 07 2011

Simon Chaput

Website of the day, Simon Chaput, photographs of nude, landscape and urban.