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May 31 2013


The website of this day is the Nicephore Niepce museum, a special place dedicate to the Photography through exhibition, collection and history.

Mar 13 2013


The website of the day is Exposare, a market place of art’s exhibitions. This site is a exchange place to assemble all the poeple of art market, artiste, gallery, institution etc.

Jan 07 2012

Mimi Mollica

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The photographer of the day is Mimi Mollica, photos of reportage in many countries and corporate. He lives and works in London.

Dec 07 2011

Aperture Foundation

Today, website is Aperture Foundation, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting photography. Founded in 1952 by photographers Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Barbara Morgan, and Minor White.

Dec 04 2011


Website of this sunday is FOAM, a portal on photography, with magazine, exhibitions calendar, portfolio of photographers…

Nov 28 2011


Website of the day is a blog, Blogarts, about art and photography.

Nov 23 2011

Soho Photo

The wesite of the day is Soho Photo, a gallery of photographs in the quarter of Manhattan at New York City. A gallery created in 1971 by photographers of the New York Time, against commercial galleries. This place is a non-profit cooperative photography gallery in New York City, with over 110 members.

Oct 05 2010

Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation

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The site of the day is Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation. Famous gallery founded by two great photographers, Martine Franck and Henri Cartier Bresson in 2003.

Sep 14 2010

de Visu

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The site of the day is de visu, an online gallery of photography, a collective since 1997.