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Mar 04 2012

James Hyman Photography

Website of the day is James Hyman Photography, a british gallery specialised in contemporary and vintage social photography.

Feb 17 2012

Ragnar Axelsson

Photographer of the day is Ragnar Axelsson, very beautiful regard on people who live in extrem environnement.

Feb 10 2012

Vivian Maier

Website of this day is Vivian Maier, an incredible street photographer. Vivian was a free spirit who worked like nanny during all this life, the rest of his time, she is in the street with a Rolleiflex and takes pictures. She leaves more 100.000 negatives and has never profited financially of this incredible production of […]

Feb 04 2012

Jesco Denzel

Photographer of the day is Jesco Denzel, documentary photography, reportage and portrait.

Jan 30 2012

Out Of Focus

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Website of this day is Out Of Focus, a belgian collective of photographers. 5 photographers with 5 different visions, focused on reportage and documentary.

Jan 29 2012

Lars Lindqvist

Photographer of the day is Lars Lindqvist, photos of reportage and portraits of people.

Jan 25 2012

Claudine Doury

The photographer of the day is Claudine Doury, photos about the women’s position in different society, and many documentary reportages.

Jan 20 2012

Alexander Glyadyelov

The photographer of the day is Alexander Glyadyelov, freelance photojournalist who works in cooperation with the humanitarian organization Medecins Sans Frontieres. Social and documentary photography.

Dec 23 2011

Lens blog

Website of the day is a blog,Lens, photojournalism by the famous New York Times. Every days photoreportages are diffused by photographers, who cover the events around the world.

Dec 20 2011


The website of the day is Myop, a collective of photographers. Created in 2005. The guideline of this agency is to defend information as a mode of expression.