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Dec 06 2011

Supay Foto

Website of the day is Supay Foto, a collective of peruvian photographers, documentary and social photography.

Nov 21 2011

Polka Magazine

Website of this day is a Polka Magazine, a french magazine who speak mainly on photo reportage.

Nov 04 2011

Timothy Fadek

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The site of the day is, the photographer Timothy Fadek, many coverages all over the world.

Nov 02 2011

S├ębastien Calvet

The website of this day is the photographer S├ębastien Calvet, portrait, coverage and travel.

Oct 25 2011

Nikos Pilos

The site of the day is Nikos Pilos, photojournalist based in Athens, Greece. He covered many big events in the world, like Lebanon, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Yugoslavia and Iraq…

Oct 17 2011

Gilles Caron Foundation

Website of the day, Gilles Caron Foundation, this great french photo reporter disappeared April 5, 1970 on the road between Phnom Penh and Saigon, Cambodia.

Jul 07 2011

Charles Ommanney

Charles Ommanney is the website of the day, photo reporter, he has covered all important events in the world. Photographer for Newsweek since 1998, he covered the White House between 2001 and 2008. Many parutions in Rolling Stone, Stern, Sunday Times magazine, Vanity Fair and winner of many contests, including the World Press Photo.

Jun 23 2011

Cyril Fakiri

Site of the day, Cyril Fakiri, welcome to black and white photography and coverage!

Jun 22 2011

Gary Knight

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Site of the day, Gary Knight, co-founder of the VII photo agency, photo reporter.

Jun 18 2011

Sylvain Demange

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Site of the day, Sylvain Demange, coverage photography