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Oct 27 2012


Photographer of this day is Tany Kely, urban photography in black and white, a look on his contemporary.

Apr 19 2012

Martin Stavars

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Photographer of the day is Martin Stavars, urban photos in black and white, a nice regard on the big cities of the world.

Dec 13 2011


Fotopedia is the website of the day, a photo encyclopedia, a community of photographer all around the world, to magnify nature, cities, people etc.

Nov 20 2011

Beaucoup d’images

Website of the day is a photoblog, Beaucoup d’images, many photos from New York City and France.

Jun 07 2010

Sepia town

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The site of the day is Sepia town, a big database of old pictures on google map, town by own.